Pinnacle InfoMedia360

Pinnacle is bringing another innovative product selection to its lineup of in-house proprietary solutions that has all of the right elements to meet the demanding requirements of Digital Signage applications.  Pinnacle’s InfoMedia360 solutions will provide for full turn-key hardware, software and support services to meet the requirements of hospitality brands, while offering the added value of Pinnacle’s unique and distinctive hands-on customer support and lower cost alternatives. The same benefits that make Pinnacle #1 in Hospitality year-after-year....!!

Lobby Pinnacle InfoMedia360 solutions will provide a comprehensive selection of display alternatives for each area of the property. From the lobby to meeting rooms, exhibit areas, restaurants, bars, and other interior spaces, there’s a selection of display formats in both standard and custom designs.
For exterior applications, InfoMedia360 will offer a selection of specialty displays developed for environmental and visibility requirements.

For Digital Signage content, Pinnacle InfoMedia360 will provide a complete range of design, delivery and management services along with options for the integration with existing hardware and software platforms.
As the first supplier to offer the industry the complete end-to-end solution, Hotel360, for voice and data, HSIA, surveillance and video all integrated into a customized single packaged solution, and the first supplier to offer hotels access to the most advanced private hosting network in the US, you can count on Pinnacle to add Digital Signage to its portfolio with the same level of expertize.



 InfoMedia Demo Create your own custom signage in just minutes..!! 

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Jim Robinson- Manager- Digital Signage Solutions Pinnacle Communications Direct# 240-912-2547


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