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Introducing 'Hotel360' by Pinnacle Communications

What is Pinnacle Hotel360?   Hotel360 represents Pinnacle's Total-End-to-End solutions for hotels.

It all starts with the largest selections of products, systems and services available within the Hospitality Industry. Then it takes more than a decade of hands-on design, development and testing to insure that all the different products and solutions will operate together in a single integrated system that can be scaled for each application into a fully customized customer solution. That's sums up exactly what Hotel360 brings to the Hospitality market and it's only available from Pinnacle Communications.

2 hotelFrom one hotel in one location, large or small, to an entire corporation with hotels from coast-to-coast, Pinnacle's Hotel360 is the right solutions. When Pinnacle designs an integrated solution, you only get what you need and only pay for what you have......Why pay for and require service for equipment you don't need or use?

Only Pinnacle has invested into the development of proprietary interface and integration techniques and products that enable them to piece together the right components for your custom requirements. The entire installation is designed and configured as one end-to-end integrated system and serviced by one company.  Just think about the savings on maintenance agreements alone.....!!  But that's just the beginning of cost saving benefits and total piece of mind with Hotel360.

Only One Call To Make!

Pinnacle provides quick-response service for everything your Hotel360 system includes.

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Pinnacle has regional service and sales offices across the United States and an expert Hotel360 service technician is always close by. As a Hotel360 customer is doesn't matter where you are or what type of equipment you have because every Pinnacle representative is a specialist in your applications. There's no 'finger-pointing' with Hotel360, Pinnacle will assume responsibility for everything it installs and even your existing systems that are integrated into the complete packaged solution.

Only one call to make or as we like to say, "Only One Throat To Choke".

Hotel360's Proprietary Solutions

Everything you need and only what you need.

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In today's world of ever advancing technologies, you need to understand it all.  So in order for Pinnacle's Hotel360 to provide a leading edge End-to-End solution, that is a customized package for your hotel, it takes real skills and application engineering and a lot of 'real-world' field testing.  It takes a wide selection of proprietary in-house developed hardware and software components that bring the various elements, new and old, into a finely tuned 'turn-key' systems that works the way it's supposed to for your unique application.

There's a lot going on behind the scenes to put a 'Hotel In A Box!

Get more detailed information below:

PDF IconDownload Pinnacle's Overview & Guide to 'Hotel360' "HERE"

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