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What is HealthCare360? 

HeathCare PrmoTrust & Respected:
Pinnacle Communications Corporation has provided telecommunications solutions from coast to coast since 1987, with more than 2,000 properties and over 600,000 Guest/Resident rooms under contract. Along with 125 full time sales, engineering and support staff, Pinnacle has the capability to provide timely response to any service request, which is ‘mission critical’ to our business. Pinnacle offers 24/7/365 live support for guest/resident internet access issues and our hosted data centers, with technical server specialists and management staff to ensure uninterrupted operations of our remoted hosted applications.

Secure Wi-Fi Services for Administration and Residents:

Strict Compliancy/Versatility: With the overall experience being paramount for today’s senior care centers and their increasing expectations of connectivity, Pinnacle provides an array of solutions for various brands. We follow the guidelines, will not cut corners, and 100% responsible for any network we design, deploy and manage. We work with all manufacturers to include Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus and Ubiquiti providing integrated converged networks, per customer request in adherence to HIPAA standards.

Surveillance Systems:
NVR (Network Video Recorder)-Pinnacle offers both IP and Coax Surveillance and Security systems that can be installed as wireless devices, which allow for more efficient and comprehensive deployments to achieve the desired coverage, while lowering the overall cost. A part of every senior care community design today includes a network of interior and exterior surveillance cameras and the related remote or centralized recording units, monitors and network gateway devices. Systems are installed using hardwired or wireless IP.

Pinnacle is and has been Mitel’s No. 1 Partner of the Year, the last five years consecutively, with ‘best in class’ on-premise and MiCloud solutions. Pinnacle’s provides total end-to-end solutions for healthcare and senior living. It all starts with the largest selection of products, systems and services. We also offer NEC and ComXchange in our suite of PBX services.

TV Service/Sales:
As one of DIRECTV’s long-time vendor partners, we now deploy the newest Technicolor3000 chassis, which is an IP or coax centralized system. As many of our partners are moving to an all IP solution, we will integrate our TV solutions with the newest OTT platform to ensure a robust and efficient all-encompassing interactive guest experience with an interactive program guide, guest compendium along with all of the Apps a resident may require including Netflix. We also sell Samsung and LG televisions specifically designed with Healthcare grade capabilities, which include embedded digital signage for community channel content delivery.

Low Voltage Cabling:
Infrastructure Cabling/Converged Networks: In today’s senior living environment, with so many important applications and subsystems relying on a more sophisticated environment, a ’Converged Network’ is now a practical solution. The converged network cabling is the backbone infrastructure which is a critical component to ensure maximum capability and efficiency. Newly constructed healthcare communities have an advantage in designing the converged network from the ground up, to allow data, voice and video communications to share the same cable. Now, senior living housing with more traditional cabling schematics can also benefit from hybrid concepts that can facilitate and integrate both the older legacy (twisted-pair) wiring along with the new multifunctional cable designs.

Contact Information:
James Jessel
Director, Business Development

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Pinnacle provides quick-response service for everything your HealthCare360 system includes.

Pinnacle has regional service and sales offices across the United States and an expert HealthCarel360 service technician is always close by. As a HealthCarel360 customer is doesn't matter where you are or what type of equipment you have because every Pinnacle representative is a specialist in your applications. There's no 'finger-pointing' with HealthCarel360, Pinnacle will assume responsibility for everything it installs and even your existing systems that are integrated into the complete packaged solution.