Pinnacle & DIRECTV for Hospitality


There's no question that at&t DIRECTV has become the Hospitality Industry's leading content cable supplier. Pinnacle is proud to be a top at&t DIRECTV provider for Lodging and Hospitality and was awarded for three years in a row as the "Top HBO Reseller" for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Introducing 'DRE' the DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels

Make your guests feel at home by giving them the same TV experience they love at home. They can now
find what they want to watch more easily than ever with the same program guide they're used to in their
living room. They can rest easy while they channel-surf with our simplified remote with an anti-microbial finish.
And with over 100 HD channels, they won't miss their favorite shows. Nearly 9 out of 10 hotel guests prefer
the DIRECTV viewing experience over any other. Give them the TV service they already love.


Make them feel at home with the same TV experience they enjoy at home.

Watch The Demonstration Video Below

For the first time ever, the same on-screen program guide they're used to at home!
Your guests will have no problem finding the channels and shows they want to watch.
Our new on-screen program guide for hotels now offers the same experience they're used to at home.

You can even brand it with your hotel's logo.

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NEW! Simplified remote with an anti-microbial finish.

For hotel owners, cleanliness is key to running a successful business.
You can now put your guests at ease with our simplified remote with an anti-microbial finish.

DTV Remote

Over 100 of your guests' favorite channels in stunning High-Def
DTV Channels

Deliver a home-away-from-home video experience as only DIRECTV can provide.
Give them access to over 100 channels included in the DIRECTV residential channel lineup—in HD.
Now they won't miss the shows they enjoy at home....!!