Pinnacle CallAssist360

Call Assist 360
Pinnacle CallAssist360 is an expanded version of Pinnacle AnswerNow360 off-site call center support solution that allows individual hotels or  groups of hotels to direct high volume incoming calls to an outside support center.
(See AnswerNow360 Product Information)

CallAssist Dia

CallAssist360 is designed for enterprise level call-center operations and can be scaled to support a few stations to thousands of stations in both a physical and virtual configuration. Similar in functionality to AnswerNow360, CallAssist360 provides a higher-level solution for larger corporate in-house call center operations utilizing their own staff and facility.

CallAssist360 is available in several different configurations depending on the selection of on-premises, cloud hosted or a hybrid system combination. The configurations are also scalable for as small as a few stations up to thousands of agents / operators.

NOTE: These illustrations represent the most popular CallAssist360 configurations. There are other configurations and solutions available.


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