Pinnacle AnswerNow360

Pinnacle AnswerNow360 is a specialized service and product solution that Pinnacle guarantees will raise guest satisfaction, generating higher survey scores, improving hotel efficiency and at the same time reduce cost. This solutions will improve the hotel’s interaction with guests and save on operating expenses with a truly impressive and simple to implement integration with the hotel’s existing infrastructure.

AnswerNow360AnswerNow360 was a collaboration design project between Pinnacle and partners Septrivium and Tyme Global Technologies with each providing advanced high-end expertise and proven experience in providing hotels a customized transparent overlay to their existing PBX switchboard and front desk operations to provide off-site ‘Live Operator’ support for all inbound and internal guest calls to ‘0’ or the front desk or other hotel provided services.

Calls are routed to the AnswerNow360 call centers which are staffed 24/7/365 by expert agents that are completely trained and knowledgeable about ‘each’ specific hotel’s physical and operational aspects. All calls are answered within 3 rings and no calls go unanswered or delayed on hold for more than 30 seconds. Hotel guests won’t even realize they are not speaking with someone in the hotel’s lobby.

Additionally, there is much more capability built into the AnswerNow360 platform from call dispatch to issuing service or repair tickets to housekeeping and engineering to room service orders, concierge, valet and much, much more. Hotels can customize the range of services they wish to augment.  The service is based on a combination of technology and intense staff training that relieves the hotel and their on-site staff of the stress and hassle of having to manage inbound phone calls and the need to staff a separate department, ultimately allowing hotel staff to focus on guests.


The solution has the ability to interface with virtually any hotels’ PBX or PMS systems and that allows a powerful broad spectrum solution that enables AnswerNow360  to uniquely offer the transparency of a single scripted solution to larger groups of hotels with different in-house technologies.”

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