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Pinnacle Nationwide Service Organization

There Can Only Be One "NUMBER ONE"
Pinnacle Communications Corporation has provided telecommunications solutions from coast to coast since 1987. With more than 2,000 properties and over 500,000 guestrooms relying on us for support, having the ability to provide timely response to any service request is extremely important. Pinnacle offers 24/7/365 live support for guestroom internet access issues and our hosted data centers and staffed 24/7/365 with technical server specialist and management staff to insure uninterrupted operations of our remote hosted applications. Pinnacle's service and product support is backed by the Hospitality Industry’s most powerful coast-to-coast service organization with the industry's only guaranteed  ‘on-site 2 hour emergency response, anywhere, anytime’.

Becoming A Pinnacle Customer Starts With The Implementation Of Project Management
As soon as you make the decision to buy from Pinnacle Communications Corporation, we’ll appoint a Project Manager to be your single point of contact for all issues relating to the implementation of the system. Our project managers have extensive experience within the Hospitality Industry and have been selected for their customer liaison skills and technical expertise.

These are the major responsibilities of your Project Manager:
♦ Develop schedules for ordering, delivery and installation.
♦ Monitor and adjust the installation process (dates, times etc.) as needed and as conditions change.
♦ Be your single point of contact for all concerns relating to the installation.
♦ Assist you with third party coordination (with the PMS vendor in particular).
♦ Resolve any of your issues and concerns. Manage the installation on site.
♦ Work with the technical staff to make sure the system is set up, tested, and preprogrammed in our lab.
♦ Verify all areas of performance with the lab Schedule the training sessions for your employees, management, and administrator.
♦ Get your feedback on the success of the installation.
♦ Set in motion our “Service Plus” program.
♦ Quality Assured Installation

From the moment an order is placed, Pinnacle Communications Corporation manages all aspects of installation, training, and ongoing service. Every equipment sale is installed by certified technicians that are employed by Pinnacle Communications Corporation. Never installed by a sub-contractor, your system will always be implemented to the highest quality standards set by Pinnacle. Our service technicians are certified by the manufacturer on every product we sell. All systems installed by Pinnacle are equipped with remote access to assure you of prompt evaluation of every service need. Because 85% of all service requests can be handled remotely, labor costs are minimized, travel fees are eliminated, and the request is handled at the least cost possible. Our industry support has earned us the highest levels of recognition, such as:

Mitel Service

Mitel Service
On-Site Nationwide Service Locations
When a technician is required on-site, "we are ready to go - fast." Combined with Pinnacle's direct regional services technician or if required, using our regional service partners, we provide rapid on-site service to more than 150 cities across the country. Our standard response time for on-site emergencies is guaranteed at 2 hours. anywhere, coast-to-coast and 24 hours for non-emergency situations. Our service partners are the best in the industry and are certified for all products offered by us.

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There can only be one "Number 1" and that title belongs exclusively to:
Pinnacle Communications Corporation.