Live Support

Guestroom Support
Pinnacle provides hotels direct guest support 24/7/365 for internet connection issues.  Support agents are trained to assist guests with limited technical knowledge in debugging applications and configuration setup to insure successful connection.  Pinnacle currently provides guestroom support for over 650,000 hotel guestrooms.


Data Center Support
Pinnacle Data Center facilities are staffed 24/7/365 by a team of network and server specialist including full time managers that insure there are virtually 'no interruptions' in service for hotels utilizing Pinnacle's hosted services.  Rated at Tier 3+ the facilities including all backup and failover systems are design to operate at 99.982+ % up time.  Currently, Pinnacle has more than 58,500 hotel user connections and has had zero failures.


Data Center Support
Pinnacle operates its own in-house emergency services call center for live customer service 24/7/365. Call center agents are trained to coordinate support responses by either using Pinnacle's remote access connections, designed into every system installation, to resolve system or equipment issues or if required, to then escalate support to an on-site technician dispatch.   


On Site Service
Only Pinnacle offers the industry its exclusive guaranteed emergency 2 hour on-site response, anywhere, anytime, coast-to-coast..!  Through it's nationwide service locations, located in over 80 major cities, providing quick response to more than 200 regional locations, Pinnacle expert service technicians are certified for all products sold by Pinnacle.  





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