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Other SectorsAlthough Pinnacle is best recognized as a leader in the Lodging and Hospitality sector, there is a lot of similarity between Hotels and applications such as Education, especially in university environments where there are large student housing facilities. In other words, a bunch of rooms with telephones, internet access, cable TV, surveillance cameras, etc. and all connected to a central administrative location, much like the front-desk area of a hotel.

Universities and medical centers are like small cities where many administrative, teaching and student dwellings or hospital patient rooms, nursing stations and other facilities are all interconnected to centralized PBX and Data Communications centers. And today, these facilities are beginning to move to ‘Off Premises’ hosting where Pinnacle has already developed its own data centers and proprietary solutions for hotels which are also applicable to other non-hospitality applications.

Considering the similarities, it made a lot of sense for Pinnacle, who has developed a powerful specialty in Lodging and Hospitality to migrate into the Education, Healthcare and other sectors. Many of the same exact products, systems and solutions used in Hospitality are used in identical applications in schools, universities, hospitals, and extended care facilities and others. These applications require the exact same levels of regional and national support that only Pinnacle Communications can offer.

For example, it could be a PBX system installation for St. Gabriel Consolidated Grade School in Glendale, Ohio, or a DIRECTV installation at the University of Virginia, Darden School Foundation, just to name a few.  Healthcare applications are becoming even more apparent where there are high concentrations of patient rooms in hospitals or living quarters in extended care, retirement or nursing home facilities where each room has the same basic requirements for telecommunications, data networking, HSIA, TV and surveillance systems all centralized to a core location. That's why it was a natural migration for hotel brands to move into the extended care sector with branded facilities that very much resemble and function much like a specialized 'Extended Stay' hotel.

For Pinnacle, everything from the system design to facility cabling, to the basic 'messaging waiting lamp' on room telephones very much mirrors what a hotel installs for its guestrooms. So whether it's the Sharon Towers, Assisted Living Home in Charlotte, North Carolina, or The George Washington University Medical Center, linking eight separate Healthcare facilities, or four facilities for the Delaware Hospice, or the 351 room Meritus Medical Center, Hagerstown, MD or The Palms Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL, it's the same type of solutions that Pinnacle has built its success and reputation on in the hotel sector.

Pinnacle's nationwide footprint opens the way for other sectors like Enterprise and Industrial applications as well.  For example, Pinnacle has installed major systems for companies like Kubota Tractor Corporation, Jefferson, GA, where several manufacturing facilities in different locations were linked together with a PBX switch servicing 1,500 telephone extensions or the complete networking and communications systems for JetBlue Airline's training facility in Orlando, FL.  From major hospitals, industrial manufacturing, large office facilities to firehouses and car dealerships, Pinnacle is much more than just the number one supplier to Lodging and Hospitality.