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Pinnacle Executive Management

David D David Dorough - President / Vice President Sales

Prior to the launch of Pinnacle in 1990, David worked for ITT as Systems Engineer for the Hospitality Division, managed the Technical Voice Operations Department for George Mason University in Washington, DC, and served in the United States Coast Guard as Telecommunications Supervisor for the Fifth Coast Guard District.

As President, David’s day-to-day duties are multi-pronged including overseeing technical service operations, project management, corporate strategy, customer relations and strategic alliances. As VP Sales, David manages the Pinnacle nationwide sales organization.

His guidance in forging partnerships with industry leaders such as Mitel Networks, Avaya, and Alcatel/Lucent, just to name a few, have allowed Pinnacle to become one of the largest telecommunications leaders in the country.

David’s visions for growth have guided Pinnacle into a nationally recognized company, increasing its customer base from 600 to 2,600 clients in less than 10 years.



Bill M Bill Mitchell - CEO / Vice President Cloud Solutions

Bill Mitchell’s nearly three decades of experience in the hospitality sector underscores his expertise in both business development and executive management.   As Pinnacle’s CEO, Bill oversees financial operations, investment management, corporate strategy and strategic alliances and as Vice President - Cloud Solutions, he is responsible for Pinnacle's expansion into cloud-hosting operations and the development of new hosted solutions and data centers.

Additionally, Bill imparts a tech-savvy awareness of finance and hospitality strategies from his numerous years in hotel, motel, and resort management. This experience has enabled Pinnacle to enjoy partnerships with every major hotel corporation in the United States, including InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt and Choice International and others. Notwithstanding the strategic relationships Bill has forged with vital industry players, his focus now lies in developing and delivering solutions that evolve from real-world IP hosted scenarios to applications which go beyond what the manufacturer intended.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance from the University of Maryland.



Rich S Rich Simmons - Vice President Hosted Services

As Vice President of Hosted Services, Rich is still at the core of Pinnacle's technical operations but with the additional responsibility to manage the expanding cloud-based services and development of new hosted applications and solutions.

With an endless background in communications technology, Rich began his career in the United States Air Force as a Telecommunications Systems and Control Specialist for European Digital Satellite and Long Distance Network. From there, he worked for NASA as Assistant Manager of Private Line Technical Services for the Space Shuttle Program and for ITT as Systems Maintenance Manager for the Hospitality Division.

Rich’s duties are extensive in both field operations and in the boardroom, where his vast knowledge of voice, data, wireless, and messaging serves both arenas well. He oversees a national technical base comprised of centers in thirty U.S. cities, and has played a prominent role in Pinnacle’s success transitioning from traditional TDM telephony to the new generation of Internet Protocol technologies. From sales engineering to project implementation,

Rich’s leadership and knowledge of Pinnacle’s broad range of solutions, from IP PBX to HSIA to Wireless to DIRECTV and Cloud Hosting, are invaluable assets for the company.



Justin H Justin Hannesson – Vice President Operations

Justin joined Tharaldson Communication Inc. in 1998 to develop a technical field operations team. For the next eight years he refined procedures to allow TCI to become one of the leaders in hospitality technology in the US.

Justin used this experience to become a co-founder of Pinnacle West, LLC in 2008. Pinnacle West continued to expand its operations and footprint for the next eight years, which eventually lead to a merger with Pinnacle Communications Corp in 2016.

As a member of Pinnacle's Board of Directors and partner, Justin is responsible for field operation and has helped guide the company into new areas of technology and expanded services.

Pinnacle continues to add new solutions and grow its operations to remain the leading provider for Voice, Video, Data and to operate a world class support center for hospitality, education, and military bases across the US.

Justin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from NDSU, Fargo.