About Pinnacle Communications

Pinnacle Was First! First to install Mitel's IP PBX system in Hospitality, First to install DIRECTV's DRE for hotels;
there's just too many 'First's' to list!

 Pinnacle Communications Corporation has become the nation's number one telecommunications solutions provider to the Lodging and Hospitality Industry, with over 600,000 guestrooms under service contract, before expanding into other sectors such as Enterprise, Healthcare and other sectors.  No other telecommunications systems provider can come close to Pinnacle's broad range of solutions and expansive product lineup. With over two decades of hands-on project experience and development, Pinnacle created proprietary packaged solutions under its branded Hotel360 custom designed packaged solutions for hotels of every size and complexity. No other company has the ability to offer this scalable and configurable range of application solutions.

Providing this expansive range of solutions to the Hospitality Industry requires expert service management and field service technical support operations that enable Pinnacle to guarantee a two hour emergency response time anywhere within the country. No other telecommunications system provider can offer this level of coast-to-coast nationwide customer support. On the leading edge of new technology, Pinnacle's own in-house engineering expertize allows the company to listen to what hotel owners and general managers are asking for and then design and provide it. Pinnacle's collaboration relationships with the world's leading telecommunications product manufacturers, allows it to uniquely develop solutions for its customers that no other companies have access to.

Pinnacle is a preferred supplier with many of the Hospitality Industry's leading hotel brands and has received more accolades as being 'The First' to accomplish something there are too many to list. If it's a new solution or a new technology or a new application or just something that's never been done before, it will surely be Pinnacle that does it first.

There can only be one "Number 1" and that title belongs exclusively to:
Pinnacle Communications Corporation.